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Happy 2,000!


Happy 2,000!


We’re celebrating a milestone today: We’ve now reached surpassed two thousand book covers on the site. Woah!

At launch, on January 30th, the collection had 1,000 covers. It’s September and we’ve doubled. YIKES.

The thing about this archive is that it will never stop growing. New, incredible books are being published every month, all with fantastic designs. As quickly as they’re getting released, we’ll be showcasing them here.

To commemorate the first 2k, I’ve pulled together the Top 10 Most Viewed Covers To Date. What does this mean? It just means that these titles have received the most page views since launch.

Thanks for being with us up until now – stick around for all that’s to come!

Motion Graphics video created by Stina Wahlen
Design by Na Kim
Design by Emma VanDeun
Design by Lynn Buckley
Design by Kelly Blair
Design by Drue Dixon / FORT

Design by Grace Han
Design by Myunghee Kwon
Designed by Esther S. Kim

(All 4 tied for 10th place)

Designed by Luisa Diaz
Designed by Tree Abraham
Design by Natalia Olbinski
Design by Jim Tierney
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