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Introducing The Jobs Board!

Briefs go live every Tuesday

Introducing The Jobs Board!

Briefs go live every Tuesday

Debating using the Jobs Board? Watch this explainer video here.

“I finished writing my book and I’m eager to work with one of the talented designers I found on INABC, but emailing people again and again is time-consuming. I have no idea who is immedaitely available or who works within my budget.”

“Post a creative brief to our Jobs Board, sit back, and let dozens of eager designers contact YOU with their fees and portfolios.”

“I’ve never written a creative brief before. I have no idea what information a cover designer needs from me at this stage.”

“First, read this article which was specifically written with non-creatives and first-timers in mind. This guide will walk you through every section of our creative brief requirements.

Next, fill out the form on this page and a useful creative brief will be automatically generated.”

Sounds pretty easy, right? That was the idea.

Creative Briefs will go live every Tuesday.

An email will be sent out to our 300+ subscribers alerting them that the briefs are live.
An alert will also appear via Instagram Stories.

Briefs are visible for 21 days.

This service costs $99.

Monday night is the cut-off for briefs posted on Tuesday.
If you pay for a brief after Monday night, it will go live the following week.

Briefs are public and will be visible to anyone visiting the INABC website.
(If you’re interested in sending out a brief to our subscribers confidentially, that can be arranged.)

Designers and clients have full autonomy over their collaboration. INABC will not assist clients in choosing their designer. INABC will not be involved in interactions between the client and the designer. If a client wants help choosing a designer, a concierge service is available for an additional fee.

To start filling out your own creative brief, click here!

This article is part of the Jobs Board Series, informational guides aimed at non-creatives seeking direction on how best to approach, communicate, and work with a professional book cover designer.

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