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Design Devices: LOUD Book Covers

All types of all-type covers

Design Devices: LOUD Book Covers

All types of all-type covers

Publishers love to see the volume turned way UP on titles until they’re SHOUTING with demanding, bold typography. The digital thumbnail is the new storefront window, and as such, publishers often ask designers to ditch graphics in favor of colossal typography. This “trend” is nothing new and it’s probably not going anywhere soon.

It’s not easy to create an all-type cover that is ALSO interesting, distinct, and well-designed. Just filling the rectangular page with text is not enough. A good designer does this while making sure that not every cover with LOUD typography looks the same.

Here is a BIG collection of all-type covers, where typography reigns supreme and letters themselves have become the art. Explore the tag “loud text” for even more covers like these.

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“I’m A Fan” by Sheena Patel

Designer: Carlos Esparza

“Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline

Designer: Chris Brand

“Tyranny of the Minority” by Steven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt

“The Trade Trap” by Mathias Dopfner

“Countdown to Socialism” by Devin Nunes

Publisher: Encounter Books

“The Dawn of Everything” by David Graeber and David Wengrow

Designer: Thomas Colligan

“Sweet & Low” by Nick White

Designer: Jason Booher

“Euro Whiteness” by Hans Kundnani

Publisher: Hurst Publishers

“Against Decolonisation” by Olufemi Taiwo

Publisher: Hurst Publishers

“How To Argue With A Racist” by Adam Rutherford

Publisher: The Experiment

“Unreasonable Hospitality” by Qill Guidara

Publisher: Optimism Press

“The Last Samurai” by Helen De Witt

“What Is Anti-Racism” by Arun Kundnani

Publisher: Verso Books

“Free Speech” by Andrew Doyle

Designer: Steve Leard

“The End of Policing” by Alex S. Vitale

Publisher: Verso Books

“This Is Not Normal” by William Davies

Designer: Steve Leard

“On Animals” by Susan Orlean

Designer: Alison Forner

“Democracy’s Data” by Dan Bouk

“Crazy Sorrow” by Vince Passaro

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

“Bleed” by Tracey Lindeman

“Of Boys And Men” by Richard V. Reeves

Publisher: Swift Press

“Why Men?” by Nancy Lindisfarne & Jonathan Neale

Publisher: Hurst Publishers

“A False Report” by T. Christian Miller & Ken Armstrong

Designer: Chris Brand

“Who We’re Reading When We’re Reading Murakami” by David Karashima

“The Status Game” by Will Storr

Designer: Steve Leard

“How Democracies Die” by Steven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt 

Designer: Christopher Brand

“Good Americans”

“Headscarves And Hymens” by Mona Eltahawy 

Designer: Alex Merto

“Dick Cheney Shot Me In The Face” by Timothy O’Leary

“Social Justice Fallacies” by Thomas Sowell

“Mediated Death” by Johanna Sumiala 

Designer: Steve Leard

“What White People Can Do Next” by Emma Dabiri 

“Why Politics Fails” by Ben Ansell 

Designer: Pete Garceau

“The Last Love Poem I Will Ever Write” by Gregory Orr 

Publisher: W. W. Norton

“Why We’re Polarized” by Ezra Klein 

Designer: Alison Forner

“Trouble Making” by Lydia Hughes & Jamie Woodcock 

Publisher: Verso Books

“100% Democracy” by E.J. Dionne Jr. & Miles Rapoport 

Designer: Ben Denzer

“What Went Wrong With Brexit” by Peter Foster 

Publisher: Canongate Books

“Men Explain Things To Me” by Rebecca Solnit

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