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Please read the following before contacting INABC.

If you are an author with questions about the Jobs Board, write us at the address below!

If you’re an author and you’re ready for your creative brief to be seen by hundreds of designers all at once, click “Create a New Brief.” After we’ve received your completed form and payment, we will contact you with a confirmation.

If you are an author or publisher looking to communicate with a specific designer, do not email INABC. Instead, email each designer directly using the contact information listed on their personal portfolio website. Writing to INABC will not give you direct access to any of the designers listed in our directory.

To understand how to find a professional book cover designer, read this.

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If you’re a designer interested in being added to the directory, please note that as of February 2024, we have paused the process of adding new designers to the directory. To learn when this freeze will be lifted, join the general email list.

Meanwhile, click here to join the Jobs Board email list.

Please also note that of the 50+ covers added each month, we are not prioritizing outside submissions over those selected internally. If you’re eager to see a specific cover added quickly, you are encouraged you to use the pay-to-post option.

If you’re able to provide any missing design credits, email us! We rely on crowdsourcing tips.

For all other questions, write to

Or, click here:

Please note that a response may take 3 or more days.

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