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Say Hello to Some Gritty Gradients

Nitty Gritty

Say Hello to Some Gritty Gradients

Nitty Gritty

Gradient color ways are a captivating trend in graphic design, infusing energy and depth into contemporary book covers. Enjoy the 18 covers listed below, as their dynamic hues seamlessly blend, creating a striking visual narrative that resonates with modern audiences. Recently, there’s been a notable surge in their popularity, as designers harness gritty gradients to evoke emotions, captivate attention, and lend a fresh, vibrant appeal to literary works. Explore the tag gradients for more covers like these.

Today’s blog post cover image was created by gradient artist Nick Thomm. “Nick is an Australian Artist living and working in Los Angeles, known for his large-scale, hyper-color Spectral Paintings and immersive projection installations. Through his work Thomm explores modern color systems, abstract image construction, and the merge of traditional art with technology, resulting in a hypnotic combination of form and color.” You can view his paintings here.

1. The Language of Kindness

Author: Christie Watson

Designer: Suzanne Dean

2. Void

Author: Veronica Roth

Designer: Caroline Teagle Johnson

3. This Weightless World

Author: Adam Soto

Designer: Tyler Comrie

4. Apprenticed To Spirit

Author: David Spangler

Designer: Alex Merto

5. Together, Closer

Author: Giovanni Frazzetto

Designer: Olga Grlic

6. The Devil Takes You Home

Author: Gabino Iglesias

Designer: Gregg Kulick

7. Wings of Red

Author: James W. Jennings

Designer: write in with the credit

8. The Everything Token

Author: Ryan O’Connell

Designer: Zoe Norvell

9. On Not Knowing

Author: Emily Ogden

Designers: Tom Etherington

10. The Sun Walks Down

Author: Fiona McFarlane

Designer: Na Kim

11. Headshot

Author: Rita Bullwinkel

Designer: Lynn Buckley

12. Pure Life

Author: Eugene Marten

Designer: Kate Sinclair

13. Ignition

Author: M. R. O’Connor

Designer: Pete Garceau

14. Following Jesus In A Warming World

Author: Kyle Meyaard-Schaap

Designer: write in with the credit

15. Rejection

Author: Tony Tulathimutte

Designer: Ploy Siriplant

16. There Plant Eyes

Author: M. Leona Godin

Designer: write us with credit info

17. The Brain’s Way of Healing

Author: Norman Doidge, M.D.

Designer: write us with credit info

18. Be Not Afraid of Love

Author: Mimi Zhu

Designer: write us with credit info

How to Find the Best Cover Artist to Create a Gritty Book Cover

The “best” book cover artist is subjective and varies according to an author’s specific vision and style preference. However, platforms like the INeedABookCover Job Board have made it easier for authors to find and collaborate with talented, professional designers like the ones listed in this article who know how to utilize gritty color gradients to create a dynamic, unique book cover.

If you enjoyed this listicle, be sure to check out our Design Devices series to explore other elements commonly used on book covers such as newspapers, repeated typography, and concentric circles.

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