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Kate Sinclair


Kate Sinclair is a Canadian book designer currently working at Penguin Random House Canada. Her past clients include Faber & Faber, Hodder & Stoughton, Algonquin Books, and Penguin UK.

Kate’s path into the world of art and design was not straight and narrow. She pursued mostly science courses in university and earned a Master’s degree (in late-Victorian eating disorders in England). After graduating, she found herself at a crossroads, and, despite being on track for medical school, she followed her heart and ventured towards the realm of publishing.

Kate’s career at Penguin Random House (UK) began in marketing, but, armed with determination and a thirst for cover design, Kate embarked on a journey of self-teaching. She dove into programs like Photoshop and sought inspiration from industry giants like Suzanne Dean, Richard Bravery, and Heike Schüssler.

For Kate, her passion for books was the cornerstone of her career. Every step she took, from marketing to design, was fueled by her love for storytelling and visual expression. Despite facing uncertainty in a foreign country and entering the publishing world without prior connections, Kate’s resilience and open-mindedness led her to where she is today. Through her work, Kate seamlessly blends artistry with storytelling, capturing the essence of each book with her distinctive designs. To learn more about Kate Sinclair, read her Q&A with The Avocado Diaries.

Kate answered some questions for us on our blog – read her ’10 Questions’ interview here!

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