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Design Devices: Swimming


Design Devices: Swimming


Swimming. Diving. The Pool. Here are a collection of covers that work swimmingly. Explore the tag “swim” to see even more covers that use this theme.

Blog post’s cover artwork by Jessica Brilli.

1. At Swim, Two Boys

Designer: Jack Smyth • UK edition, 2017

2. Being Various

Designer: Jack Smyth • UK edition, 2019

3. The Lessons

Designer: Andy Warren

4. Just By Looking At Him

Designer: James Iacobelli • US edition, 2022

5. Everything I Never Told You

Designer: Adly Elewa

6. The Six-Minute Memoir

Designer: Kimberly Glyder

7. Young Mungo

Designer: Christopher Moisan

8. The Sum of Us

Designer: Rachel Ake Kuech

9. The Invaders

Designer: Richard Ljoenes

10. Leave The World Behind

Designer: Sara Wood • Artist: Jessica Brilli

11. The Change Room

Designer: Jennifer Griffiths

12. Freedom House

Designer: Zoe Norvell

13. Summer Sisters

Designer: Elena Giavaldi

14. Panic in a Suitcase

Designer: Helen Yentus

15. The Lagos Wife

Designer: Henry Petrides

© Eleni Kalorkoti
© Merijn Jansen
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