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The Look of The Irish

A Guest Post

The Look of The Irish

A Guest Post

Happy ☘️ Saint Patrick’s Day!

To celebrate, I asked talented Irishman, Jack Smyth, to share a few of his favorite book covers that were designed by fellow Irish designers.

“I’ve always thought that for such a small country (roughly 5 million people), Ireland has always punched above its weight in the arts. Films, books, painters, actors, poets, playwrights – the sheer number of Irish people operating in these roles at the highest of levels is quite a surprise – just look at this year’s Oscar nominations.

After moving back to Ireland from the UK last year, I’m enjoying discovering that the same goes for book cover designers. For St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve curated a list of Irish Book Cover Designers, along with a selection of past covers from Ireland’s rich publishing history. Huge thanks to Niall McCormak’s Vintage Irish Book Covers blog for the details on many of these. Seo duit, a chairde.”


Design by Anne Yeats, 1977
Design by Cor Klassen
Design by Leo Manso, 1961
Design by Martin Collins, 1967
Design by Roísín Daly, 1973
Design by AóM (Austin Molloy), 1933
Design by WG Spencer, 1968


Design by Sarahmay Wilkinson, 2021
Design by Niall McCormack
Design by Fiachra McCarthy, 2022

+ Fiachra’s interview with Totally Dublin

Design by Anna Morrison, 2021
Design by Graham Thew, 2022

+ Graham’s interview with Totally Dublin

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