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Design Devices: Love

Love is in the air…

Design Devices: Love

Love is in the air…

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are 16 covers for books about finding love, being in love, and losing love. Explore the tag “love” to see even more.

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Blog post cover image by Lauren West.

1. The Course of Love

Author: Alain de Botton

Designer: Alison Forner

2. The Feeling of Falling in Love

Author: Mason Deaver

Designer: Maeve Norton

3. Irritable Hearts

Author: Mac McLelland

Designer: Keith Hayes

4. A Place For Us

Author: Brandon J. Wolf

Designer: Rex Bonomelli

5. The Arrangement

Author: Sarah Dunn

Designer: Javier Jaen (killed cover), 2016

6. Gambling, Crime and Society

Author: James Banks

Designer: Henry Petrides

7. The Act of Love

Author: Howard Jacobson

Designer: Catherine Casalino

8. How To Love

Author: Katie Cotugno

Designer: Alison Klapthor

9. 8 Rules of Love

Author: Jay Shetty

Designer: Rodrigo Corral Studio

10. True Love

Author: Sarah Gerard

Designer: Joanne O’Neill

11. Love All

Author: Callie Wright

Designer: Cardon Webb

12. The Course of Love

Author: Maayan Eitan

Designer: Stephanie Ross

13. Love Love

Author: Sung J. Woo

Designer: Jennifer Heuer

14. The Old Romantic

Author: Louise Dean

Designer: Alex Merto

15. This Is The Story of a Happy Marriage

Author: Ann Patchett

Designer: Robin Bilardello

16. Super Sad True Love Story

Author: Gary Shteyngart

Designer: Rodrigo Corrall Studio

Bonus! The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale

Author: Haley McGee

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