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Creative Brief

Under The Gown


Front Cover Text

Title: Under The Gown
Author: Payton Frischhertz
Bestseller Line: This debutante season will be killer.

Book Genre

YA Mystery/Thriller


Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

Trim Size

5 x 9


College freshman Ainsley can hardly wait to take on the New Orleans debutante circuit, but not simply for the posh, white-gloved presentations or headliner parties. She hopes to use her status to land a summer internship that could help catapult her dream career as a sports PT into an eventual reality. And she’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. Specifically, being presented by the most coveted club in town, which on paper doesn’t exist. Except she knows that it does. She also knows who attends and what she must do to gain entry—because she’s planned every detail, down to the last shoe.

But she never planned to fall for the uber-rich, reluctant deb from Texas, or for a girl to drop dead during their presentation.

And she certainly didn’t plan for Instagram account—Under the Gown—to start serving up more than OOTD and party coverage by exposing the debutante’s secrets, one scandalous post at a time. As disasters continue to plague their events and a former classmate goes missing, Ainsley realizes someone’s going after this season’s debs with a vengeance. With her own secrets and ambition on the line, she enlists her squad and a few plus ones to hunt down a killer before another deb can fall.

Example Book Covers

Example Book Cover Descriptions

Black Sheep: Love the pale pink background and the contrast with the black font.

A Conspiracy Of Friendliness: The red flowers into blood is something I’d like to accomplish on my cover, but with more movement/petals along the way.

The Correspondence: Really enjoy the font and varying color use in the title going vertically.

Such Sharp Teeth: Really punchy cover color wise with the pink and black. Also am a fan of the font style here.

Some Shall Break: I picked this one for the petals and the movement of them, the pink background is nice but I’d prefer mine to be paler.

Icarus: Really adore this cover, the element I love here is the falling figure – I’d like to incorporate falling debutantes into my cover and thought this one served as a good example.

Painting from Justin Gaffrey: I know this isn’t a book cover, but I added this painting because it captures the movement of a girl falling with flowers around her, which is something I’m aiming to do.

Wrong Direction Book Covers

Wrong Direction Book Cover Descriptions

One Of Us Is Lying: Would like to stay away from the red colored letters and handwritten font combo because it’s used a bunch.

Pride and Premeditation: Too busy of a cover for the direction I’d like to go with mine. Rather focus on a few key elements and let them pop.

Whisper: Not looking for any realistic covers/people.

General Likes & Overall Vision

I love bold, punchy designs – something that can grasp your attention with a single graphic or a few elements on the page. I want my book cover to feel like a thriller/mystery but stand out with the graphics and creative choices to not blend in with the rest.

My general vision for this book is a pale pink background color for the cover, and a black or contrasting font color to punch the title out. My idea thinking up this cover was to have a red bouquet at the top, with flower petals falling down that fall into a pool of blood, but there would be small debutante figures(just the bodies and the white dresses) falling with the petals and just disappearing into the blood. The title could go along the top or could run vertically down the side, I’m up to whatever the designer feels is best for that.

Dislikes & Things to Avoid

Nothing too busy or realistic.

I’d prefer the cover not to look too “soft”, so either avoiding pastels or muted colors or utilizing them in a different way.

Not aiming for any blood splatter or realistic blood.

Stock Image Budget

At a Glance






2 weeks

Pub Date

June 2024


Payton Frischhertz
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